About The Designer

Once a pastime, now a passion...

. . . I am, doing something that I love. I have always had a desire to design and make jewelry. I started this journey by making jewelry for myself with color combinations and various lengths that I was trying to find in retail stores. 

My inspiration comes from looking at breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, walks along the beach and the patterns left in the sand by the tide coming in and out. Even cloudy skies provide color variations to work with in designing jewelry. Another source of inspiration comes from researching jewelry from the gilded age.  The vintage jewelry and designs of the past were so detailed and beautiful.  

The pieces I design are a combination of gems, pearls, crystals, stones, accent pieces and re-purposed vintage and antique pieces to create unique, handmade, one of a kind jewelry.

So. . . here is to sharing a little bit of me and what I love to do with you. 

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