Sea Glass Collection

labor of love


Over time I found these larger pieces and it was so exciting. You are always hoping to find THE PIECE! 

glass and glass


Place this decorative container somewhere to remind you of summer days and the wonders of the oceans power to create smooth pieces of glass.

the thrill of it


In all of the many years of picking up sea glass blue is so hard to find. This is a sampling of some of my favorites. 

summer captured


These bottles make great decorations for small spaces. Ideal for your desk or work space. Glancing over at it can promote thoughts of the beach and the fun of summer, or whatever pops into mind.



Tiny little pieces take a lot of up close looking and searching to find. Not to mention the bending, stooping and kneeling to pick them up. Well worth the end product. 

teeny tiny red piece


Red, red! Red is so rare to find and though it is barely noticeable it is RED! I was super excited with this find (it is truly the little things) even though it is so teeny it made my day.